Brad Sugars

Knowledge is the NEW MONEY and building wealth is easier than you think!

Learn from The Billionaire, Brad Sugars

Time Event

15 June 2017
13.00 - 17.00 WIB
Venue: Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta




As a founder of an award-winning firm, ActionCOACH International, Brad Sugars has a passion for helping others achieve business success.

Being financial freedom since 26 years old (Year 1997), his reputation for turning around struggling companies and selling them for massive profits earned him the nickname "The Turnaround Kid" when he was in his early twenties in Australia.

His successful ownership role in over 50 companies has made him an authority on business building.

4 reasons you should attend this seminar:

  • Learn the key skills to buy & run a biz and make super profits
  • Learn how to make passive income in property at the right season
  • Brad's proven rules to consistently make money
  • Practical how-to's that you can immediately implement for maximum ROI


“We learnt something that should be achieved in 10 years, can be achieved in 5 years, 2 years, and then 1 year. At least you need to attend one seminar, learn something, get an impact. The investment is very small compared with the cost, time and effort that we usually waste.” ~ James Gwee

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